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Enabling a happy World.

The Holistic Foundation sets a framework for an international exchange about the monumental challenges of our times.


My Vision is bringing the world into balance again – with people living together in happiness and peace and everybody living each strengths and passions while supporting each other and jointly solving the issues we are facing.


Founder of Frau Ultrafrisch

I envision a happy world without wars and conflicts, where mankind understands the benefits of working together with everybody unfolding each one’s potential. To achieve that I think we need new approaches -especially in the sectors education and health, as they may serve as the foundation.


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Otto Group


These days we are facing a tremendous change in all life areas. In order to cope with these challenges we believe that we need new approaches.

We believe in the power of modern Communities (Crowds)

Within the last decades we could observe the phenomenon that people who group together for a common vision could move mountains. We think it’s time for a new revolution – an international revolution of the crowd.

We believe in the power of Ecosystems

The most intelligent systems are networks that permanently react and adapt to changes like a healthy human body. In the digital era we have new tools available to build digital Ecosystems. We believe that they will be able to solve many problems of our time.

We believe in the power of holistic Concepts

Even though the world is getting more and more complex, we strongly believe that we always should consider the whole picture in order to get a full overview and transparency of information. That includes the right of true information for everyone.


Currently we are supporting three large holistic projects.Currently we are supporting three large holistic projects.

LIFE Hamburg

LIFE Hamburg will be a physical building and open Ecosystem for lifelong learning, wellbeing and profession.


Learnlife is the open Ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm, a collaborative community of innovators and lifelong learners.

Holistic Platform

By building a digital plattform we want to enable an exchange about future issues and generate transparency (true information for everyone).