Werner-Otto-Straße 1-7, 22179 Hamburg

Enabling a concious World.

People who are enlightened, mindful and in harmony with their environment live a happy life.


We seek to inspire and support people – as individuals and as a community.
That is how we make the world a happier place, together.

Janina Lin & Benjamin Otto 


We believe everything is interconnected. Precisely because the world is becoming ever more complex and life is passing us by, we want to pause and review all connections holistically. Only then can we find new ways to shape our common future.


LIFE HAMBURG will be a physical building and open ecosystem for lifelong learning, well-being and profession.


Learnlife is the open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm, a collaborative community of innovators and lifelong learners.


The #WirVsVirus programme supports the development and implementation of solutions for social challenges caused by the Corona Pandemic.


The #wirfürschule hackathon rethinks school and develops creative solutions in order to be able to start the new school year reinforced and to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow, despite the crisis.

Holistic ecosystem

By building a digital platform, we want to enable a worldwide exchange on problems and create transparency (true information for everyone).